Renewal Coalition

You can not only show your support for your country with our patriotic range of golfing gear, but you can put your money where your mouth is and show your support for our war hero`s through our affiliation with a special local Veteran`s charity, Renewal Coalition. Some of the proceeds from every sale which is made is given to the Renewal Coalition Veterans Charity.

Renewal Coalition is a charity which has been set up to help wounded war hero`s and their families after they have returned from fighting in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq. It can be difficult for both the veterans and their families to make the transition back to civilian life after spending time protecting our country and it often means families being uprooted to be close to hospitals, or at best at home preparing for the next trip.

Help us Serve those who have Served us

The Renewal Coalition charity focuses on families being together giving them valuable time in each other`s company, without having to worry about money, lodgings, food or other expenses, and even entertainment, giving them the chance to spend quality time together. There might be activities which servicemen thought that they would never be able to do again. Renewal Coalition can help with this, helping to change people`s lives.

Here at Birdietown we are immensely proud of our country and especially our service men and women, and we want to show them just how grateful we are to them. And this is why we have teamed up with Renewal Coalition – to give a little bit back to our brave men – and their families, as well as try to help with the difficult transition back to life in the USA.

Through our support of Renewal Coalition, you can both look cool on or off the course, whilst showing your support for the game that you love and your country – and who wouldn`t want that?