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Here at Birdie Town we offer exclusive, cool t-shirts available only to our customers, making you the envy of the green. Our golf-themed T-shirts are the perfect addition to the wardrobe of golf fans of all shapes, sizes and types from small to extra extra large (XXL), from professional golfer to avid spectator, finely tuned sportsman to, a little out of tune enthusiast, and everything in between.

All of the shirts that we sell are high quality and suitable for use both on and off the course to make you look and feel stylish and prepared for whatever is coming your way. So whether you`re about to play a round, or watch a tournament as a spectator, you will be looking and feeling great.

With one of our exclusive t-shirts you will not only be the envy of everyone around the course but as they are exclusive to us, it is highly unlikely that someone else will turn up with the same t-shirt.