Review of The Pocket Bunker to Improve Your Bunker Game

A couple weeks ago, The Golfing Dads paid a visit to our friends at and picked up a few items.  One of the items that we picked up is called the Pocket Bunker.    

The Pocket Bunker looks like a spider with half a golf ball on top of it.  You set it on the grass and can practice hitting bunker shots from a normal lie.  When you hit the Pocket Bunker if you hit it good it goes up in the air and will spin on the green,  if you hit it thin it will come out low and scurry across the green and if you hit it fat it will fly high but not go anywhere.  It will give you real feed back right away so that you can practice time after time on you bunker game with out a bunker around.  

The Pocket Bunker goes for $24.99 at our friends from on line.  This is a steal if you are looking to help improve your bunker game.  If you look at the guys on tour they would rather hit it in a bunker verses hitting it in the rough.  Bunker shots are easier because you can hit them "fat" and still get away with them.  This will allow you to practice at home in your yard, around any green on the course, or anywhere you want to work on your bunker game without the sand anywhere to be found and get better.

Dads Say So we highly recommend the Pocket Bunker.  Not only is it small enough to take to the course with you it is great to get realistic results while you practice.  To get yours go to our friends at and order yours today.  Any chance to get better around the greens is the reason to order this.  It will definitely help you improve., your online source for real reviews on accessories, clubs, courses and anything else to make golf fun. Return