Birdie Town Sells Golf Product in Philadelphia and New York

It is always great to get out and travel to see some of the best retailers and golf clubs in the country in both Philadelphia and New York before the start of the golf season.  During our travels we were able to showcase Birdie Town's brands, and the reaction was great from the buyers and also the club pros.  In the golf industry there is a lot of products available on the market and we recognize our competition, whether is be Scotty Cameron with the putters, or another belt company in Nexbelt. We offer different products that have proven to work at all levels of the game, from an old school stuffy private club to a junior golfer trying to look cool, or a tour player trying to get better with one of our Wellputt training aids or one of of our Argolf milled putters.

The buyers and pros who have "seen it all" recognize our products are not only unique but  high quality and serve a purpose. People are tired of the same old  leather belt or the typical "ribbon" logo belt so they quickly gravitate to our SKIMP belts, 100% cut to size recycled poly belt.  Or their customer comes in every day asking " what's new?  you have any new putters?"  We are able to help them answer this question with our putter line Argolf.  New York Golf Center decided to bring in 12 putters per location in the city and we are happy to compare these beauties to Scotty Cameron and PXG putters, from not only an anesthetic point of view, but also from a performance perspective.  This is why Argolf is the fastest growing putter company on the PGA Tour Champions with having 5 to 6 players per week using one of our models.  

If you are tired of the same old, same old golf gear, you have found the right place in Birdie Town.  Our team is on the cutting edge of Golf Gear and Products.  Be sure to either ask your local retailer if they carry our brands or your Golf Professional.  If not you can always reach one of our PGA Professional Staff members from our 1-800- number and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions on the products or guide you to closest golf shop or retailer.

Until next time go out and play some golf and make a few Birdies!