Birdie Town Golf T Shirts on Bourbon Street

Birdie Town Golf T Shirts on Bourbon Street over the weekend.  Great to see a lot of golf gear on the streets of New Orleans including our own Birdie Town Logo T Shirt!  Over the past weekend I traveled to New Orleans for a close friends wedding.  We had great weather and while there we spent most of our time walking around  or sitting on a bar stool.  Since we at Birdie Town eat, live and sleep golf, I couldn't help but notice all of the golf gear spotted .  It is great to see golfers supporting golf off the course and expressing themselves as golfer.  Taylor Made and Titleist hats, logoed polos and some t shirts.  Some of the t shirts were funny sayings or the not so funny t shirt with your basic text on the front.  I had many people stop me during my walk asking what Birdie Town is. They didn't know who they were asking!  Ended up selling a few T Shirts that day!  During the upcoming hot summer days and nights our Birdie Town t shirts are a perfect way to express yourself as a golfer while not having to wear a collard shirt 24/7.  Here is a picture of me sitting in the famous writer Tennessee Williams chair at his favorite rester aunt and breakfast spot called EAT. Return